We are proud to announce that TRS Group now represents Keene Building Products Co. in Illinois.

About Keene Building Products Co.


At Keene Building Products, we create spaces. From the need to provide proper drainage and ventilation under a cedar roof to venting the air from unconditioned attic space. KEENE provides the space that provides the solution. 

As building science continues to progress, the construction industry is producing more high efficiency structures. Keene Building Products is known as a leader in the development of the spaces needed to properly construct a modern durable structure. VIPER VENT is the latest example of this innovation at work.

Let KEENE help you with your roofing ventilation and drainage needs.

Visit Keene Website at http://www.keenebuilding.com/products/roofing


Berger specializes in a wide variety of roofing protection, gutter support and draining systems.


Berger Building Products has been leading with high-quality products, incredible customer support, and competitive prices for over 140 years.

While Berger specializes in a wide variety of roofing protection, gutter support and draining systems we also focus on our customers. Berger is not just a product manufacturer but also a guide, we stand by our customers and lead them through our variety of products and their applications.



n 1976 The Brush Man was a one man operation devoted to providing quality brooms & brushes, in difficult to get quantities, delivered in a timely fashion. Back then, our vision was "To deliver excellence as a formula for success." and it's continued to propel us forward the past 40 years.

Much has changed over that time period.  We've grown quite a bit to keep pace with our customers needs.  We've expanded our breadth and depth of inventory and added additional warehouse space. Rest assured, the one thing that will never change as we grow is our constant focus to "Deliver Excellence" to our customers every day.


Copper Cat is a uniquely designed copper strip that prolongs the water contact with the copper, maximizing the benefits to your roof. 

 The double-sided copper strip  is 20x stronger than zinc strips. The copper oxidizes and  eventually blends with 90%  of shingle colors for a neat and clean look, using the natural process of water interacting with copper to release ions that prevent growth of algae, mold, moss, etc. on shingles. It w Works on new or existing roofs made of asphalt, cedar, slate, etc., and helps improve the overall look of a roof by removing black streaks, patchy spots, and other unsightly discolorations  



Goss torches, regulators and accessories are known for having the highest quality, value and durability in the industry.

Since 1940, Goss Inc. has been serving industries throughout the country and abroad with a full range of flame tools and accessories. Our reputation for quality, high performance products, excellent service and efficient distribution has made Goss a manufacturer that customers can depend on.

Goss offers a wide variety of torches and accessories to fit any contractors' need.  Our high quality Oxy-Fuel, Air-Acetylene, Air-Propane, Air-Propylene ( MAP-Pro™) and Nitrogen equipment is individually tested and engineered for performance.  We also provide high quality replacement cutting, welding, and heating tips for popular torches.



Xtend+Climb® is focused on bringing a range of innovative climbing products to the professional and domestic DIY landscaper by designing safe and easy to use solutions, which positively impact the lives of consumers. 

 With our Signature Telescoping Ladder, Xtend+Climb® was founded on the idea of innovating product markets. Our effort to continually bring paradigm-shifting products to retailers and consumers is at the heart of the Xtend+Climb® brand. 

 At Xtend+Climb® safety always comes first. Xtend+Climb® always addresses areas where safety and usability can be improved in the climbing market. 



ZipWall LLC is the maker of the ZipWall® Dust Barrier System, the only comprehensive dust barrier solution for construction, remodeling, and renovation. ZipWall pioneered the dust barrier category in 1997 and continues to transform the field with twenty-five patents, numerous industry awards, and a steady stream of innovative products.

A ZipWall® dust barrier can be set up in just a few minutes without ladders, tape, or damage. ZipWall®products are used by residential and commercial contractors to meet practically any dust barrier installation challenge – setting up a plastic dust barrier, setting up a reusable-fabric dust barrier, creating an entry in a plastic barrier, creating a room within a room, covering a door, sealing off a hallway, or sealing a barrier without tape – to name a few.

ZipWall® products are designed in the US and sold all over the world.